Why We Started Sol Haven Farm

Changing the world one heart at a time…

Whether you believe in serendipity, opportunity, setting goals or the convergence of universal influence, sometimes vision and ideals are just too hard to ignore. For Sammuel and Natasha, the catalyst was the emerging permaculture movement which began watering seeds that had lived long in their hearts and deserved to see some light.

The farm, the street and the classroom…

The journey that brought these two entrepreneurial visionaries to this point in their lives, though, is far greater than just ecological farming. Their bigger picture is to explore, develop and create a practical environment where this exciting idea can be used to determine a better today and brighter tomorrow. They want to improve the science and prove the application of its techniques to encourage others to get involved in more projects. And what’s more, they have already demonstrated they are well-able and well-equipped to fulfill this goal.

The true inspiration within this project is that it fulfills more than just a vision of future potential. By involving people who have very real needs today, it also encapsulates a genuine chance to change lives and build a community. From their earliest conversations and excited musings about the project, Sammuel and Natasha were determined that it would be a haven of work and development opportunity for the homeless. Likewise, others with rehabilitation, disability and other support needs would be high on the agenda to work for and within the scheme. 

As the scope and potential of the idea has evolved, there are now plans in place to develop learning resources and work experience programs for schools and other education institutes.

From dark places, to seeking healing and on into the future…

This project is very much a fulfilment of purpose for Sammuel and Natasha and their personal stories have both fuelled and directed their passion to make it happen.

Surviving several childhood challenges, and battling various addictions in her early life, Natasha became homeless at a young age. The people that helped her out of those dark places inspired her faith in the love of others and the joy of making a difference. She vowed to ‘give back’ and has thrown her efforts behind basket brigades, dinner shelters, gratitude days and the like ever since. For Natasha, the farm project is the start of true fulfilment for her life and beyond.

From an early age Sammuel worked with volunteer groups and communities working with people like the homeless, disabled, people with learning disabilities – even going as far as Africa to work. Sammuel is wanting to use his technical knowledge gained from working aerospace to develop new technology to help develop a new way of farming…

He knew that his life needed healing and through his work as an aerospace engineer and consultant, and coming into contact with homeless ex-servicemen, he identified with their plight. After learning that a larger portion of homeless population in the UK are from our armed forces, he was determined to help.

Natasha’s experiences, Sammuel’s technical know-how and their joint passion to change the world ‘one heart at a time’ is driving this project from one milestone to the next. Their journey a perfect cycle. It is a seemingly coincidental scenario that led them to this point! They believe it was ‘meant to be’ and when you see their purpose turning into very real results, it is hard not to come to the same conclusion.



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