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Our wellbeing programs are designed to enhance the liveability of our local community, fostering inspiration and increased social energy as individuals come together to achieve common goals. Extensive studies on similar initiatives have shown that participants typically form an average of five new friendships through programs like ours. This not only combats social isolation but also boosts confidence and expands social networks.


At the heart of our project lies a commitment to regenerate our local community by reconnecting it with nature. We believe in the healing power of nature and incorporate it into our programs to aid in trauma recovery. By regenerating the earth, we simultaneously rejuvenate the people within our community, creating a social hub that empowers and brings about positive change. What sets our project apart is its immediate impact, addressing the pressing needs of today while paving the way for a brighter future.


We’ve observed that as people overcome their insecurities and work collaboratively toward common objectives, anxiety levels decrease, social isolation diminishes, and self-esteem soars. Our project fosters stronger connections within the local community, sparking inspiration and revitalizing individuals to rediscover themselves and forge meaningful connections with others.


Putting well being well and truly on the agenda, check out our group programs
Sammuel Harvesting a raised bed Polytunnel part of the work to improve community wellbeing

Ploughing the Mind

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Eco-Arts Workshops

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That helps you create a creative response to your feeling on climate change through the medium of performance print

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