Vegan Cooking Classes

Great food and cookery courses to get your taste buds going!

Hi there, I’m Natasha, I have been a chef for many many years, creating delights and then turning vegan 4 years ago – I had to start learning all over again!! – I am now the in house chef at Sol Haven working with people to create Delicious vegan delights, sharing knowledge and wisdom for a more conscious way of eating while reconnecting with Mother Earth and themselves.

Find the balance between health and indulgence…Discover the beauty of plant-based food…leave your preconceived notions at the door – it’s time to cook, eat, smile

This is the perfect time to have a change in yourself or in your loved ones. There is no better time to start than right NOW to except and offer your body and what goes into it a little more Tender Loving Care

2 whole days spent with the Loving chef .  Who will  share her knowledge and wisdom – combined with spiritual eating habits to you, on a personal intermate level. (this will include meditations, blessings and gratitude)

Enjoy a better food relationship with yourself 

Gain more confidence to create the passion, textures and colours on the plate 
Learn the basics and skills to eat a balanced plant-based diet 
Have fun creating a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones.
Feed your own temple with Tender Loving Care

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