Movement Meditation

Tao Chang Meditation is a unique practice that unites elements of traditional meditation with leading edge proven techniques and tools, allowing you to experience profound states of quietness and stillness.

By meditating in a Tao Chang (Source Field) of positive frequency and vibration, you can alleviate stress, worry and anxiety by releasing the underlying root blockages.


Key Features

  • In one practice, address all stressors in your life.

  • Apply simple, breakthrough Five Power Techniques™ for a deep meditative experience.

  • Enter a positive field created by Tao Calligraphy—Oneness Writing—to promote oneness in your energy field.

  • Learn how you can take part of this positive field with you to foster sustained transformation.

Tao Chang Meditation nurtures your natural ability to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate, cultivating a stress-free life and harmonising your whole being to be healthier and happier.