Meet Your Glorious Mental Health Support Team

This endeavor is undeniably a manifestation of purpose for Sammuel and Natasha. Their personal narratives have not only ignited their passion but have also steered it towards realization.

However, the realization of this vision wouldn't be possible without the remarkable Mental Health Support Team that stands behind them. We're delighted to introduce you to the extraordinary individuals who generously contribute their time and resources to bring forth this remarkable haven.

Sol Haven serves as a refuge where committed individuals, both among our staff and volunteers, unite to create a positive impact in the lives of those confronting mental health challenges and personal traumas.

What truly distinguishes our Mental Health Support Team is their shared journey, as each member has faced their own struggles with mental health, abuse, or addiction. This shared experience fosters a deep connection and empathy with our course participants and fellow team members.

At Sol Haven, we firmly believe in the transformative power of healing journeys. Our dedicated staff not only prioritize supporting others but also embrace their own paths toward personal healing. They undergo thorough training and guidance to become proficient Mental Health First Aiders, ensuring they can offer compassionate and sensitive assistance. This commitment extends to cultivating a safe working environment, inspiring every team member to reshape their personal lives and surroundings for the better.

Deliverer of Joy

Sammuel Yisrael

Sammuel Yisrael has been actively engaged in volunteering and community service since his early years, dedicating his efforts to support marginalized individuals, including the homeless, disabled, and those with learning disabilities. His commitment even led him to contribute his skills and time to initiatives in Africa. 

Sammuel came to recognize a profound need for personal healing. His own experiences with homelessness and trauma were the catalyst for the creation of Sol Haven.

Since funding Sol haven he has took on the responsibility of driving business development, fostering connections, and managing funding applications for Sol Haven. He serves as a Wellbeing Early Intervention Inspiring Speaker, a Sustainability Champion, and a Community Advocate.

Sammuel Yisrael is a passionate and dedicated speaker with a profound commitment to improving the lives of homeless and vulnerable individuals. Recognized by the Prime Minister of Great Britain for his exceptional contributions to community well-being, Sammuel, in partnership with Natasha, has played a pivotal role in supporting communities to grow.


 The Loving Chef

Natasha Caton

Surviving several childhood challenges, and battling various addictions in her early life, Natasha became homeless at a young age. The people that helped her out of those dark places inspired her faith in the love of others and the joy of making a difference.

She vowed to ‘give back’ and has thrown her efforts behind basket brigades, dinner shelters, gratitude days and the like ever since.

Natasha managed the Café at the Umbrella fair based in Northampton and until fairly recently has been working as a senior support worker for Northampton’s Hope Centre for the Homeless. Natasha is also our in-house Michelin trained chef, She has been a keynote speaker at several live events such as Vegan Life Live and Silver Stone Classic, as well as doing smaller online cook-along sessions for groups such as the WI. Natasha has previously run several restaurants, trained at Ecole Hoteliere, Lausanne in Switzerland - widely renowned as the best hotel management school in the world and has recently become an author of her first Vegan Recipe book.

Natasha’s own experience of mental health issues, abuse and addiction, her personal journey to full recovery, plus her time working with many of Northampton’s homeless population and her many years running her own restaurants makes her ideally placed for the role of General Site Manager for Sol Haven


Meet the rest of Your Glorious Mental Health Support Team


Gareth Stubbs

Gareth has published many books on Health and Wellness, is an established food author and founder of the following companies:

  • The Vegan Food company which provides gourmet dining experiences in the comfort of customers own home / or for a special occasion
  • Co-Owner and Co-Founder of D-Toxd Living – A Health Retreat based in Spain Health, where the one main objective is to help their guests feel better about themselves and live healthier and happier lives, free from the baggage that holds them back.

Illa Khagram

An established wellbeing provider, facilitator, and youth worker with 25 years’ experience, Illa has been personally mentored and guided by E-Myth author, Michael E Gerber and taught to be an exceptional speaker by Clinton Swaine. She has also had training with thought leaders such as Anne Jirsch (world leading pioneer of Future Life Progression & an internationally best-selling author of Create Your Perfect Future), John Cassidy-Rice (NLP & Coach Master Trainer), Chris Howard (Social Entrepreneur, Transformational speaker, Coach and Life-Style and Wealth Strategist) and Tony Robbins (entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and Americas #1 life & business strategist).

Volunteer Co-ordinator

John Martin

Joining us as a volunteer 3 years ago, John has experienced the magic of Sol Haven first-hand and has now blossomed into a real asset to our team. His passion for Back-end systems and experienced background within both administration and project management ensures the organisation & coordination of volunteers and general admin run smoothly. John can often be found working hard behind the scenes to ensure all our facilities are cleaned and set up ready for its next use, or assisting Natasha in the kitchen scrubbing a few veg from our own Market Garden.

Occupational Therapist


Michaela is an Occupational Therapist at Sol Haven with experience of working within physical and mental health. Specialising in community settings, Michaela uses that experience to support wellbeing and enables people to access environments and occupations that are meaningful to them.

Branding Expert

Trudie Avery

Trudie has become quite entrenched in the vision for Sol Haven, bringing it to life in a way that we could never have even imagined. Through the rebranding of our logo, website and marketing materials, Sol Haven has blossomed into a beautiful visual entity under the guiding hand of our passionate Branding Expert.


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