Mental Health and Flowers

Flowers do more than just enhance our homes, they can help us let go of anxieties, worries and the feeling of being blue, helping people feel less depressed, troubled or agitated.

 There is a direct link between positive mental health and flowers, studies have shown that flowers can induce creative energy and positive vibes, leading to us feeling better.

In our polytunnel we have a sign which reads plants are good listeners. We encourage people who are experiencing social anxiety to talk to the plants as it helps develop communication skills.

While plants may not have ears. The flowers are listening to what is happening. Scientists have found evidence that plants can actually hear the buzz of passing bees and produce sweeter nectar in response to entice the flying insects in.

Seed balls make it easy to plant wildflowers for bees and insects. Just throw and grow!

Each Seed ball is made from a mixture of seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chili powder, which create a protective casing against seed predators (including birds and ants). They’re incredibly easy to use – scatter on top of soil, and with rain and warm sun the seeds will grow into wildflowers. Perfect for pots, window boxes and garden beds. Wild plants also offer a way to help provide food & habitat for bees, butterflies and other insects.

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The ‘Ploughing the mind’ 12 week course has been carefully designed to help people struggling with their mental health to reconnect with community, themselves and make new friends.

Activities within the course include nature and horticultural therapy, mental health education, movement mediation, drumming and cooking. A mixture of activities combined to provide support, outlets for expression and the ability to learn new skills.  

 Following the completion of the programme we will look to continue to support people in a wider programme. One that will continue to help them to overcome the barriers to both engaging socially with others and finding work. 



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