Connect with Sound - Sound Bath Meditation

The workshop is facilitated by Sammuel Yisrael, who is a certified Sound Thearpist

Sound Bath Information

A Sound bath is a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves.

This creates an immersive sound that fills the room and the body, aiming to help people relax and let go of stress, anxiety, or other worries and concerns. People report feeling deeply relaxed afterwards, which may have health benefits and can potentially foster physical healing.

It’s important to note that the effects of a sound bath can vary from person to person, and individual experiences may differ. Overall, sound baths offer a holistic approach to well-being, promoting relaxation, balance, and inner harmony.

  1. Stress Reduction: The soothing and harmonious sounds produced during a mediation with sound can help calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. The gentle vibrations induce a state of relaxation, which can lower cortisol levels and promote a sense of well-being.

  2. Improved Sleep: Regular participation in a mediation using sound can lead to better sleep quality. The deep relaxation induced by the sound vibrations can help individuals fall asleep faster and enjoy more restful sleep.

  3. Enhanced Meditation and Mindfulness: Sound vibrations can deepen meditation and mindfulness practices. The sounds provide a focal point for concentration and help quiet the mind, making it easier to achieve a state of mindfulness and presence.

  4. Emotional Release: Sound vibrations can stimulate emotional release and healing. The vibrations may help individuals process and release emotional blockages, trauma, or tension, leading to a sense of emotional clarity and relief.

  5. Increased Energy Flow: Sound vibrations can help unblock stagnant energy in the body. Many practitioners report feeling a renewed sense of vitality and balance after a sound bath.

  6. Enhanced Creativity and Inspiration: The unique and immersive nature of the session can inspire creativity and boost problem-solving abilities. Many people find that they have a heightened sense of creativity and insight following a mediation session with sound.

  7. Pain Relief: Some individuals experience relief from physical pain and discomfort afterwards, this is because the vibrations can help relax tense muscles and alleviate minor aches and pains.

  8. Balanced Chakras: Sound meditation is often associated with the balancing of the body’s energy centers, or chakras. The specific frequencies used in sound baths are believed to correspond to each chakra, helping to align and balance them.

  9. Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Regular sound bath practice can improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who need to enhance their cognitive abilities for work or study.

  10. Deepened Self-Awareness: Sound meditation can facilitate a deeper connection with one’s inner self. They may help individuals gain insights into their emotions, thoughts, and personal growth, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness.


  • Date: Wednesday, 11 September 2024
  • Time: 19:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Sol Haven, New Manor Farm, Harvey Lane, Moulton, NN3 7RB
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Breathing / Meditation

Sammuel uses different sound techniques to enhance the connection with the inner self of participants and put them in a deeper level of relaxation and concentration.


The  Workshop will be performed in an intimate, maxium 6 people group, to assure confidentiality, safety and full connection and personal attention of the instructor to all attendees.


Soundbaths offer a unique and immersive experience that facilitates relaxation and mental rejuvenation. The soothing vibrations and tones of a sound bath can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being. Those who engage in sound bath sessions often find themselves more centered, with a greater capacity to cope with workplace challenges.


Contra-indications for a Sound meditation:


Taking part is considered safe for most people, however a sound meditation is not recommended during first trimester of pregnancy or for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy; those who have a pacemaker or who suffer from seizures. Some mental health conditions are also contra-indicated. If you suffer from tinnitus or wear a healing aid, please bring ear plugs with you.

sound bath in the yurt
What will happen and what to bring along with you

We recommend that you arrive at 6.50pm to get settled and ready, as we will not be able to allow anyone entry after the event starts (7.00pm). Please bring with you; your own small pillow and gentle blanket to cover yourself as your body temperature may drop due to the relaxation – a mat will be provided.

Cost of the event is £15 by Bank Transfer / £17.00 when paying by Paypal. (This covers the cost of the PayPal transaction fees. Payment can be made via bank transfer on request or via PayPal by sending payment to ) or £16.22 if brought online here (this covers a service fee of £1.22)


If you have any questions or in any doubt as to whether you should attend please do contact Sammuel

Sammuel Yisrael with Gong and singing bowls before a sound bath


New Manor Farm, Harvey Lane, Moulton, Northampton, Northants, NN3 7RB

TEL: 01604 307783