Covid Crisis Response

At the time of writing, the world was in the grip of the Corona virus pandemic and the UK population was struggling to come to terms with a radical departure from our usual way of life. As panic buying led to empty supermarket shelves, people become understandably concerned about food security. Many  become interested for the first time in ‘growing their own’ as sales of vegetable seeds online  soared and even poultry keeping  reportedly increased.
Sammuel harvesting crops for the food box

We expanded our services to provide a emergency food-bank and carry out food deliveries.
We were one of the organisations that prepared and cooked food for homeless people while they where in temporary accommodation.

We also  provided online support to people due to lockdown helping people stay
mentality stimulated and physically active.

Earth Lonely Angels (ELA) and Sol Laug Havens C.I.C (Sol Haven) worked as a partnership to provide a foodbank and essentials service to vulnerable people working with social workers, local councils and other charities such as the Hope centre. Individual healthy food bags were created and delivered to the Hope Centre as part of their Hand Up Service, and to the town council.