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Sammuel and Natasha

Our Roots

Sammuel and Natasha had a vision to create a sustainable permaculture farm with an education and rejuvenation centre at its’ heart.

Driven by their personal stories and a determination to ‘give back’ Sol Haven is far greater than just ecological farming. The Farm is a way to explore, develop and create a practical environment where permaculture can be used to determine a better today and brighter tomorrow. Sol Haven is also a way to involve people who have very real needs today and encapsulates a genuine chance to change lives and build a community.

With Natasha’s experience, Sammuel’s technical know-how and their joint passion to change the world ‘one heart at a time’ they are driving Sol Haven from one milestone to the next.

Meet The Team


As an aerospace engineer and a strong background in  business managment, Sammuel runs things behind the scenes and leads all of Sol Haven’s courses.


Natasha is our award-winning Loving Chef  a specialist in vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free deliciousness.


Jeff is our permaculture designer  who teaches volunteers how to grow delicious vegetables which then get used in Natasha’s cooking, as well as running the outside space.

Pratish and Lilita

Pratish and his wife Lilita have been friends with Natasha and Sammuel for a long time. They invest time, effort, love and energy into the bigger picture and planning of Sol Haven, ensuring our goals and needs are being met to provide the wider community with the support they need, whilst providing support at our county-wide events.


Sue and Natasha are firm friends. Sue has taken on the role of providing people with the confidence they seek to carry out the tasks required in daily life. She is a strong advocate for womens mental and physical happiness, and is a regular attendee during sessions at Sol Haven, as well as organising her own events, including the Drumming Circle on-site every month.


As Sue’s partner Andy brings a wonderful sense of humour and conversation to the space. A general handy-man, he has a wonderful caring attitude and is sure to make you forget your worries during a random chat here. Along with his wife Sue, Andy also cares deeply about mental health and assists in any areas he is needed.


Dawn and Natasha were friends long before she started helping out on Sol Haven. Focused on the kitchen workload, Dawn is Natasha’s “sous chef” – helping create the beautiful food we serve on site, and at events around the county.


A baker by trade, Nathan is a great help in the kitchen along with his partner Dawn. He wears his heart on his sleeve and will always be around to help, whoever needs it. An keen fan of engines, he has been found under volunteers cars trying to fix them!


Glen joined our team in 2018 and is our fantastic handyman! With a background in engineering, he knows how to build a variety of structures which are a key element to our grounds. He is a reliable, friendly member of the team who always says yes and never complains – except when the cheese runs out!


Tim came along with Jayne and provides a very grounded nature. He connects well with mother earth and can be found anywhere on site, helping sort bits out or unloading his car with lots of wonderful equipment.



John is a new member of our team, and has quickly established himself as a very friendly, polite and helpful soul. He is a regular face every week and has no limits when it comes to being helpful and getting down to work.


Sarah has been volunteering with Sol Haven for over year. She’s interested in growing her own vegetables and being around like-minded folk who care about the planet. Sol Haven is the perfect place for that!

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