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Ensure that your employees' "wellness priorities"

Experience engaging and vibrant

Wellbeing Sessions or a Team Building Retreat. 

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Wellbeing Programs

Boost Confidence! DE-Stress!

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Well-being programs  designed to support you.

Helping you to build resilience.

Live a healthier life

Acquire invaluable life skills

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Join us for enriching experiences

Nurture your  wellness

A range of engaging and uplifting gatherings.

Promote a healthier, happier you. 

Designed to inspire, connect, and empower.

Create a a stronger sense of well-being with us.

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The Process

How we work

Sol Haven is a sanctuary where dedicated individuals, both employees and volunteers, come together to make a difference in the lives of those grappling with mental health challenges and personal traumas.

What sets our team apart is their shared experience, as each member has faced their own battles with mental health, abuse, or addiction. This unique bond forms a profound connection and empathy with our course participants and fellow team members.

At Sol Haven, we believe in the power of healing journeys. Our staff are not only committed to supporting others but is also encouraged to embark on their own path to personal healing. They receive comprehensive training and guidance to become Mental Health First Aiders, ensuring they can provide compassionate and sensitive assistance. This commitment extends to fostering a safe working environment, inspiring all team members to redesign their personal lives and environments for the better.

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Your Wellbeing Strategy

Answer 21 quick questions to get a report of wellbeing in your organisation

Every employer needs a happy & healthy workforce. This helps you to retain your staff, reduce stress & increase productivity. Wellbeing is rapidly becoming a priority for many employers. But…

How do you know just how happy & healthy people really are?

What can you do to reduce stress, absence and staff turnover?

Is there anything you can do  to reduce your own stress levels?

By taking theSol Haven wellbeing benchmark to guide and create your own roadmap to create a wellbeing strategy. Take 4 minutes to answer these easy and quick questions to get your personalised report on wellbeing in your organisation.

It’s quick, simple and free.

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